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Movie: Shoplifters (Japanese)

Cafe Funiculi Funicula – time travel movie

Bike parked in front of coffee shop, brand: Super 73

Neat electric bike


Kaveh Akbar / The Palace (poem)


This house!!

Also Nakamura’s own house in Tokyo; seen in “Living in Japan” book

This is clearly a forest demon’s hat (it is sitting curled up below the ground)

Demon's hat

PBS EONS on YouTube

Memories of Silk and Straw

This manga series!!!

Robotman. “It’s pronounced ROW-but-munn”

Super Powers, series 2 – Kirby art for DC characters. So nice.

This artist

Is anyone watching Mad Men in 2019? I suspect.. not? Does that matter? A theory of longevity. What it means to “matter” to culture.

This kind of basket!! Look up


Shinkansen-centric manga?

Fictional ident sounds! (Did Warren E’s production tag)

TikTok job videos

This looks pretty good!

Printed cotton fabric / how it’s made

COBOL history / legacy

Michael Wolf! Ah

Watch Logan’s Run

Logan's Run

Common ownership

Spotted in Meguro

I forgot this was online

Wolf Among Wolves / German novel

“Virtual YouTubers”? Japanese phenomenon.

Clothes steamer

“Art is anything that’s better than it needs to be.” A nice phrase.



Colin Fletcher / The New Complete Walker

Inner life of Chinese teenagers

Repeat experiences and how they change

Stories I will not write; amazing

I quite like this, on Zizek

HANGUL! Typography!

Betty! Read later

Tuxedo song

Yuzukosho Bros. It’s a yuzu and a pepper. Global brand (easy)

Arabic typography!

Write about the Intense Tokyo Rec Document. A particular genre!

Books at T-Site:

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4

Book #5

Silly but also great

Lemons in Japan

NHK Japanese lessons

May 2019, Kyushu and Tokyo

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