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This is an experiment in AI, collaboration, and fiction. You, an apprentice mage, will define the parameters of a quest against the Dark Lord. You will receive a map (!) and a short story narrating that quest.

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Week 25, running a ladder factory

Notes from the quest factory

Week 24, grafjacking

Week 23, spinning along one path and not another

Week 22, and every time, the Dark Lord wins

Week 21, all is foretold

Week 20, the curiosity has gained an avatar

Week 16½, young necromancers

Week 16, the things they love ping-ponging

Week 15, a wayward planet whacked

Week 14, particular practices

Week 13, no vital information withheld

Week 12, rehydrated

Week 11, looser than you'd think

Week 10, rollicking

Week 9, opinionated and customized

Week 8, puzzle fiction

Week 7, a series of interlinking devices, debates, and visions

Week 6, capacious but curated

Week 5, some kind of shell of a crab

Week 4, tiny panels filled with people

Reckoning with Detective Comics

Week 3, he wakes up kicking

Archived offerings

The Unbeatable Deck of Ronan Shin

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