This is an archive of my 2019 email newsletter and public notebook. It won’t be posted here forever, so, poke around while the poking’s good!

Fiction offerings

My Father the Druid, My Mother the Tree

The Sleep Consultant

The Unbeatable Deck of Ronan Shin

Featured posts

Fortnite pastoral
They rebooted the world.

Don't take the money
Boom, bap.

How to make h'rous
A recipe for the curious.

News from the Republic
A map of a small town; a collection of great newsletters.

Notes from the quest factory
Tools and techniques related to AI text generation. I wrote this for like twelve people.

Reckoning with Detective Comics
I want to talk about a creative act of reckoning and, maybe, redemption.

Previous newsletters

Week 52, year of the meteor

Week 51, an empire-spanning search

Week 50, execution dependent

Week 49, a gift guide??

Week 48, doesn't have a cat

Week 47, the Jaws of the commons

Week 46, the soul of the steel man

Week 45, because I am, of course, afraid of the librarians

Week 44, veraison

Week 43, popular, wide-ranging, functional

Week 42, helpful messages between practical, determined people

Week 41, wince of appreciation

Week 40, very glue-y

Week 39, features of a ninja house

Week 38, concise and just the right amount of critical

Week 37, like a slice of cake

Week 36, so... outer space is one solution

Week 35, going directly to identifiable nerds

Week 34, kid-to-kid transmission

Week 33, add oil

Week 32, the noise diary

Week 31, bring the pleasant chaos

Week 30, all over the housetops

Week 29, as part of a now-deleted conversation

Week 28, shivelight and shadowtackle

Week 27, a contemporaneous record

Week 26, set a course for the aesthetic of my youth

Week 25, running a ladder factory

Week 24, grafjacking

Week 23, spinning along one path and not another

Week 22, and every time, the Dark Lord wins

Week 21, all is foretold

Week 20, the curiosity has gained an avatar

Week 16½, young necromancers

Week 16, the things they love ping-ponging

Week 15, a wayward planet whacked

Week 14, particular practices

Week 13, no vital information withheld

Week 12, rehydrated

Week 11, looser than you'd think

Week 10, rollicking

Week 9, opinionated and customized

Week 8, puzzle fiction

Week 7, a series of interlinking devices, debates, and visions

Week 6, capacious but curated

Week 5, some kind of shell of a crab

Week 4, tiny panels filled with people

Week 3, he wakes up kicking

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